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In most all family law cases, some form of mediation is required before a case can be set for trial. The idea behind this requirement is that parties to these types of cases should make an effort to attempt to resolve their issues outside of Court before utilizing the Court’s valuable time. As you can imagine, there are thousands of family law cases filed each year in North Carolina, and it would be impossible for the Court to have a trial for each and every issue in each and every case.

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In child custody cases, mediation is required in most cases. If a party lives too far from the courthouse, or if domestic violence is an issue, the requirement for custody mediation may be waived. Child custody mediation through the court will not address any other issue. The mediation does not involve your attorney, but you will be given the opportunity to review any mediated agreement with your attorney prior to signing and making an agreement permanent.


In child support cases, mediation can often result in an agreement if both parties are W-2 workers and there are no issues of extraordinary expenses. However, many child support cases involve self-employed persons, and unemployed persons. In those cases, coming to an agreement can be more complicated, but it is never impossible. You should keep in mind that your child or children are the paramount concern, and that providing for their welfare is your duty as a parent.

Equitable distribution cases can be mediated either by a private mediation session with a paid mediator and your attorney, or through a judicial settlement conference with a Judge who is not assigned to your case. Some form of mediation is required in all equitable distribution cases before they will be tried by a Judge.

Alimony cases are typically grouped together with equitable distribution cases when mediation is involved. This is due to the interrelated nature of the financial support and property distribution result. For example, you may need more alimony financial support if you will be receiving the marital residence so you are able to keep up with the mortgage payments. This is a prime example of why these cases are dealt with in the same setting in many cases.